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Talent in Africa is like water, it finds its own way. But, Joe Kigozi Academy has endeavored to change the narrative by scouting, mentoring and developing local talent irrespective of anyone’s social, cultural, religious or financial status.

However, modern football calls for more than talent and skill because it is now business not just a hobby like it used to be in previous centuries.

In a same way, Joe Kigozi Academy embraces the norm thus envisioning nurturing talent beyond football.

Therefore, players are regularly analyzed and monitored for better performance reports for future reference incase sponsors come in to sponsor or buy the player.

By this criteria, Ali Nassur one of the community kids has been selected as the best performing and disciplined player at the academy for the month of July, 2022.

Pausing with the ball.
Ali Nassur, 13, in action during the training session at Panamera Sports Training Grounds - Kololo

This came along with a reward of a ball by the Managing Director, Catherine Kabura.

“Here at JKA, we look at different things in football, but most importantly discipline.

Ali has proven to be the best performing and disciplined player consistently. And that must be appreciated so as it can be a lesson to others.” She said.

Catherine Kabura - left, the Managing Director with one of the parents after a fair football match between JKA kids and parents.

Nassur joined early this year through community outreach soccer trials in which eight young players were enrolled into the academy.

He thus admits that since joining the academy, his game has improved so much even beyond expectations and advises other players on what to do in order to thrive.

“I feel so good because I deserve it. And I look forward to becoming a prominent player in Uganda and winning a lot of accolades.

I only tell my fellow players here at JKA and those in other academies to work very hard and observe good discipline, then success will come normally.” Nassur advised.

Joe Kigozi Academy has special talents underway, one needs to engage in order to copiously understand and appreciate the kind of work being done there.

JKA, Beyond Football!

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