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James Ndiwalana traces his soccer journey from Kazo Mixed Primary School in Kazo – Kawempe Central. He became the substance of the day after scoring twice during JKA Junior Tournament.

Photo: Coach Rogers Ssempaka, James Ndiwalana and Manager Catherine Kabura after the training session at Panamera Sports Grounds - Kololo.

Besides scoring two goals in a single match, Ndiwalana was the best performer for the Under Twelve (U12) portrayed through an unmatched overall display in all games. Thus, named the special talent of the tournament by Uganda’s veteran footballer, Jackson Mayanja.

James Ndiwalana dodges past the opponent in a match during JKA Junior Tournament.

Little did we know this would amplify his ambitions to achieve bigger and better in soccer, something he had not focused on before.

“I know in football you can earn much. You can go international like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, they are famous because of football, but I did not believe my potential to do so until I participated in the tournament.”- Ndiwalana said.
James Ndiwalana alongside other players having water break during the training session .

He added that his participation in the tournament triggered his desire to play football to a next level and achieve big through hard work, dedication among other disciplines for the dream to come true.

“I now dream to be famous in Uganda, Africa and worldwide by playing in the premier league in England.” – He added.

Contrary to the known stereotypes, Ndiwalana upholds that there is no way football has hindered his academic excellence as he excelled with ten (10) aggregates in recently released PLE results. This has enormously motivated his parents to support him in any way possible.

His mother, Mrs. Gertrude Nakityo working as a house wife revealed that Ndiwalana is her fourth son aged a 12 years at the time of writing of this article whom she noticed had passion for football at a very young age.

“I noticed in his childhood while crawling that he somehow loves football and bought him a ball. He could beat it up and at 2yrs, I started taking him to the nearby football pitch which is now demolished and that is where he advanced from. Then in P.4 at Kazo Mixed Primary School, we noticed he would be a very good footballer.”

Nakyito also highlighted some of the challenges she encounters in trying to ensure that her son’s dreams come true. She however affirmed that no matter the challenges, she is very happy to support because one day, Ndiwalana might achieve his dream and change her life. Thus, called upon parents to be supportive as along as their children are talented in any field.

“I am really very proud of Jimmy, and I do support his skill according to my capabilities because I know one day he will achieve it and change our lives. I therefore urge parents to support their children in providing sports equipment and enroll them in academies if the kid is talented because you never know what tomorrow beholds. ” – She urged.
Coach Rogers Ssempaka conducts warm up and dynamic stretches during a training session.

More so, Coach Rogers Ssempaka who also has known Ndiwalana for a long time on personal level added:

“Jimmy is as a person is a well-disciplined player who likes coordinating with others. And as a footballer, he is incredible; good with the ball, dribbling, dodging someone, shooting.”

Ndiwalana is a firm ally of Manchester United in the premier league and Vipers Football Club in the Uganda Star Times premier league claiming its players are technically a class a head compared to other clubs as well as their up-to-date facilities.


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