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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

In pursuit to promote football in Uganda, Joe Kigozi Academy in partnership with Pro Touch Soccer Academy has organized an educational football tour to the United Kingdom (UK).

The tour is taking place from April 08 to 17th, 2023 with intension to help travelers learn and get exposed to the modern world of football at the highest level.

According to Mr. Joseph Kigozi, the founder and CEO of JKA, this tour will help young footballers, coaches, technical staff members and parents to uncover new techniques, principles and values in football management.

In the middle, Mr. Joseph Kigozi shaking hand with the referees after a friendly at Panamera Sports Grounds.
“This is an educational tour that will give our young footballers, coaches, technical staff members and parents an opportunity to experience and learn from the best figures in world football,” Kigozi said.
“While in the United Kingdom, these people will also visit sports facilities of the top Premier League clubs and participated in other various activities. And by the time they will come back, they will have a different perspective regarding football as a whole,” – he added.

All academy players are grateful to Mr. Kigozi for the opportunity rendered which they hope will extremely define their future in football.

Some when asked about their expectations of the tour, they responded with smiling faces expressing only happiness and eagerness beyond imagination of how the experience will be.

“I am really excited for the trip to the UK because it is my first time out of Africa. We’re going to have a tournament there and enjoy a lot of stuffs. And I hope everyone who is traveling with us enjoys,” – Yiga Nasri, Under Twelve player.

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This being the first time for most of the players to travel for such a cause, we cannot wait to see them create long lasting memories that hopefully will positively impact their interests to pursue football for long-term goals.

Thus, living to our slogan: JKA, Beyond Football!

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Wow, what an incredible opportunity for the young fellas. It’s indeed an amazing experience to give exposure to the players especially at this age. All the best! KP

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