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Celebrated for their energetic performances, Ghetto Kids of Uganda were blessed enough to perform on the staggering stage of the 2022 world cup in Qatar.

Due to their love and support for local talent as a core objective, the Ghetto Kids performed at opening of JKA Tournament just hour off the plane from Qatar.

Daouda Kavuma, the founder of Inspire Ghetto Kids Uganda, an umbrella under which the dance crew prevails while addressing the press in Qatar sated that the organization was started early back in 2013 with the purpose of using dance to take care of the disadvantaged and ghetto kids.

“We are using dance to take care of different disadvantaged kids, orphans and street kids to go to school. Our mission is to use dance to make lives better by providing them with at least standard education.” Mr. mentioned.

Ghetto Kids performance at the tournament was heavily engaged in by young players showcasing the unseen dance moves. And to be honest, some could even compete with the renowned world cup performers. Watch it here:

Joseph Kigozi, the founder of the Joe Kigozi academy appreciated the dancers and the management for their commitment, support and love for local talent.

“The Ghetto Kids are just hours off the plane from Qatar, but they have made it here because of love and support for local talent. I believe each one of us can witness their commitment. They have really made the atmosphere awesome! I thank them on behalf of us all.” – Mr. Kigozi said

More so, celebrated gospel artiste, Levixone commonly known as the “Man of God” morale boosted the young players before the games started with his famously known songs including; Chikibombe, Replay, Kamya among others that drastically changed the momentum and entire at Panamera.

Parents to kids from different academies and media personnel were so keen to ensure they record videos every dance. With the excitement, togetherness and many more exhibited, slogan of Joe Kigozi Academy slogan of Beyond Football was presented well.


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