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Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA) gives bursaries to the vulnerable Ghetto Kids

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Since its establishment in 2019, Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA) has been very well acknowledged for organizing institutional and/or community friendly football matches aiming at spotting virgin talents focusing on the less privileged persons.

Craving nurturing, promoting and empowering local talent beyond football as its long-term objective, Joe Kigozi Academy, has awarded bursaries to four kids from the community, who joined after the academy came to a mutual understanding and other required legal terms with their respective parents accordingly and the beneficiaries are;

Osman Ramathan, 12, who has established his name in football right from his school. His success is attributed to passion for soccer, hard work, good discipline and determination to keep moving ahead regardless of the challenges encountered in the process since he comes from a humble family as well as support from his single mother, who is a lab technician.

Osman being the first born of the five children in his family, he knows better that there is a a lot expected of him to do thus investing extra effort in what he does better which is football to be able to set a good example to his siblings.

“I love playing football especially as a striker, and that is why my only hobby is playing football. I have been playing at my school and community, but I have never played on turf before and now JKA has given me the opportunity. I am very thankful! All I have to do is to use it to my best.” he said

Hamzah Kangave, 13, who plays as a goal keeper from Kazo – Angola is well-known for his essence of obedience to follow instructions portrayed from where he embraced COVID-19 vaccination and went for the two jabs without any other individual’s consent something not common considering his young age.

According to his mother, Mrs. Mariam Byamugenzi, Kangave’s passion for football is beyond, well-mannered and more importantly ever ready to be challenged.

“What I know about Hamzah is that his passion for football is beyond ever since he was very young like five years, and he says that he likes playing as a goal keeper. I thank God that my son is well disciplined and not afraid to take any challenges that can come along in life, even if it requires him travelling out of the country, he is ever ready.” Kangave’s mother said

Rahuman Kakonge, 11, said to be the most down-to-earth kid according to one administrator at the academy. Perhaps it is because he lives with the grandmother and mother who are undoubted in parenting credentials. According to Kakonge, his grandmother encourages him to pursue a career in football even more than the mother and she is his greatest fan thus motivating him to work hard in order to make her happy.

He further promised to do his best so that academy shall never regret why they engaged him in the first place.

“It has always been my dream to play on turf and being part of JKA is a new experience that I treasure so much. I am ready to do my best in order to appreciate what the academy provided me with and the only way to do so, is to learn and implement all I learn so that they never regret considering me to be part of them. I now making new friends here and strengthening my relationship with the coaches since it is paramount if I am to achieve my goals.” Kakonge said.

The last one is Ali Mohammad SSekibenga, 13, raised by a single daddy playing as a striker and has been a school captain, well known for his ever-increasing hunger to score goals whenever he on the pitch. And so far, this has been witnessed through his capabilities and extra effort exhibited in training for the little time he has been at the academy.

Sincerely, all the four kids engaged for the time being, there is no doubt about their talent and passion as far as football is concerned. However, it remains in the hands of JKA, to groom their talent into some thing precious on the national and international football market, the sky being the limit.


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