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About Keron Lubega

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Irrespective of his reserved and quiet personality, Keron Lubega, 6, won the best player of December 2021 at Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA)

Lubega, who plays as a right-wing back at the academy is a great fan of Express Football Club in Uganda and his favorite player is Murushid Juuko whereas on the international scene he supports Liverpool Football Club.

One of his greatest abilities is his aggressiveness to tackle opponents and his very exceptional in running with the ball as a winger as well as his desire to win.

His lion-like fearless attitude on the pitch makes him one of the talents to look at regardless of his young age and unthought-of physique. He is always ready to do his best!

Looking at his type of gameplay, one would think that he is so prone to injuries, but he is not.

Lubega is raised by his mother, Beatrice Mirembe, perhaps from whom his good discipline, respect for others especially the superiors, and obedience echo.

When asked about how it feels to win the best player of the week at the academy, Lubega said:

“Definitely it feels very good. We are very many players here and being chosen out of them means that there was a lot invested in that is being appreciated. I thank every individual in their respective capacities that have contributed to this because this is not a one-man victory. We play as a team and win as a team. To my coach, players and every one, thank you so much. This is ours.”

He added that after joining Joe Kigozi Academy, his only dream is to become a great footballer nothing else. And his hobby has always been watching football or some cartoon animations in case there is no football match to watch.

“I crave becoming a great footballer one day and this came after joining JKA. In order to achieve my dream, I spend most of my time watching football as my hobby. And when there is no football match, I watch some cartoons.” ~ Keron Lubega.

We hope that with his personality, attitude, and vigor, Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA), shall get the best out of such a young talent beyond football.

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