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PHOTO: From Left is Jedaya Otanga Iguru, Coach Rodger Sempaka, Ali Nasur and Manager Catherine Kubura after handing over the Quarterly best performer prize to the winners.

For the past three months; July, August and September, coaches, parents and other regular attendees of training sessions at Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA) agree that there has been huge improvements in performance.

However, in the sport like any venture in life, there will always be the outstanding ones based on technical, tactical and behavioral factors in the sorts of Under Fourteen (U14), Twelve (U12), and Nine (U9) respectively.

Of course, stiffness there was in the selection process because the general performance of the players was great, but eventually the following were selected as the best.


Aged at 13, Ali Nasur loves to play as either a defending or attacking midfielder and he is well known for his shooting technique.

Ali’s added advantage is discipline and when merged with talent and skill, he is definitely a beast in midfield.

He has had back-to-back credits previously at the academy, including a football prize from the Managing Executive and he confidently assures that he deserves them all because he works hard every day.

PHOTO: Ali Nasur - right posing with JKA CEO, Joseph Kigozi after receiving his report as the best overall player.

“I feel good for all I have achieved while here and I surely deserve them all. It shows that I have up scaled my game. Now I have to work even harder and keep well-disciplined in order to achieve more both national and internationally, God willing.” He said.

We keep our eyes open to see him achieve best of his dreams and aspirations.


Playing in Under Twelve U12, Nasir mentioned that he feels so grateful because football runs through his family. Thus, he must do as possible as he can to improve on his football skill to keep the legacy and even take it farther.

He added that his added advantage is pace and swiftness to beat defenders as either an attacker and admits he has learnt a lot as far as football is concerned while at JKA.

“I have learnt not to be selfish and work hard, thinking fast before leaping, switching positions and most importantly, and never giving up no matter what.” – He mentioned.


Known for his pace and dribbling style of play, Aston Kintu registered a spot on the list. Maybe some would argue that the list would be incomplete without his name. Just know the boy’s right foot does magician.

After joining JKA through auditions held earlier this year in March, Kintu has become fans’ favorite because of his talent, skill and well-disciplined conduct.

By character he does not talk too much, but he makes people talk on his behalf on the pitch and that is why he is on the list. Keep going future star, the sky is the limit!


Training together with Kintu though in a different department as a defender, Otanga shared the victory with his associate.

If there one thing he is good at as a defender, it is sprinting and a winning mentality which he has done consistently. And he secret to consistence is regular exercise and eating well since football is partly a physical game.

Amidst all the challenges in the Ugandan sport and Africa as a whole, JKA continues to nurture and grow local talents to be able to compete on international level in a specific timeframe while utilizing the limited resources available.



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