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Saturday, 2nd July was a day to remember for Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA) community and whoever that was at Panamera sports Grounds – Kololo. This was through a stiff and entertaining friendly match between the hosts, JKA and the visitors, Edgar’s Youth Programme both Kampala-based Soccer Academies at different age groups accordingly.

The opening match started at 9:00 AM playing between the under seven (U7) that ended 4:1 in favor of the home team. There followed the under ten (U10), and this was time for the visitors to show their urge thus beating the host 4:1 in the first round. This defeat in the other hand prompted the coaches to revise their tactics thus winning 4:0 in the second round.

Auston running with the ball off his opponent.
Photo: Arthur Sabiti, JKA. Auston running with the ball off his opponent in a crash for the under 12.

As JKA supporters jubilated for the second win, another one on the ingress from the under twelve (U12) where the JKA team completely defeated opponent with no difficulties at all.

Umar Kasajjage, a senior coach at Joe Kigozi Academy assessed the performance of his team and attributed their success to hard work and guarantees to rectify all exhibited mistakes.

“Our players in the category of under seven (U7) exhibited some improvement in teamwork instead of individual brilliance, ball sense. For example; ball control, passing though their accuracy par is a long way to go, their muscles are still developing and overall enjoyment as per this age requirement was achieved.” said Coach Umar after the match.

“We lost 1:4 and won 4:0 in the category of under ten (U10), however, ball control mastery was exhibited by most of the players though more training on the same still needs perfection. The positioning sense is starting to develop, team work and passing abilities are also developing. Interestingly, these were a little more accurate in passing, the eagerness to win was exhibited as well especially, in their first round though they lost and fun and enjoyment as per this age requirement was achieved.”

“In the category of the under Twelve (U12), teamwork improvement made a good possessive and pressing game, passing was good with exception of a few whom we shall try to improve, ball control mastery to majority with exception of a few whom we shall try to improve, position was very okay and good game management by both the coaches and the players, and overall fun and enjoyment as per this age requirement was achieved,” he further stated.

In the same note, Christabel Katusiime, a technical and development analyst at JKA commended the project and the direction the academy is taking.

“I want to tell you all that with more positive competition and consistent training from our experienced coaches, development of these players and the Academy as a whole is so promising and the future is bright.” Katusiime highlighted.

One Joel, the Edgar’s Academy’s Public Relations Officer appreciated the hosting academy for the hospitality rendered and promised for further working relationship.

“First of all, I appreciate JKA for the hospitality. It has been really wonderful! It was a great day for both teams, because the activity had real fun and our main target at this age is having fun. Yes, technicalities come in, but it is not really the main part, even in schools we see that in everything they do, they get a fun start of it,” Joel elaborated.

Yes, we were defeated, but it gave us a real nice day and experience that we are now getting feedback from parents for their kids about today’s match. We really appreciate and hope to have so many of these matches in the future so that we keep developing the talent and having great working relationship.” he stated.

Joseph Kigozi, the Founder and CEO of JKA shaking hands with the Public Relations Officer of Excel Youth Program Academy.

As much as Joe Kigozi Academy won the challenge in general, lots of kudos should be given to Edgar’s Youth Programme Academy for not turning down the call for the challenge because it helps both the parties to identify their strengths and weaknesses thus promoting the local sport.

Those who attended, can witness that irrespective of Edgar’s Youth Programme Academy losing to Joe Kigozi Academy, they also have an extraordinary substance as far as football is concerned.

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