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Calvin Wananzofu Player Of The Week

Updated: Jul 23, 2022


Extra energy and boosted morale now dwell at Joe Kigozi Academy (JKA) like never before. This is witnessed through increased desire to score goals, defend from conceding goals and win games by players every time there is a chance to play.

This was after the technical team reached to a conclusion of announcing the best player every single week basing on different factors like; discipline, performance, social traits and team work among others as a new approach in order to produce best future footballers as per academy’s long-term objective; to become the best soccer academy in Uganda as well as the whole region.

Calvin Wananzofu

So far so good as everything is working as it was anticipated with fair competition amongst players discernable that sometimes it becomes hectic for coaches to choose the best of many. However, Calvin Wananzofu, 14, was declared player of the last week of November, 2021 despite his only two weeks membership at the academy. To his surprise, Wananzofu was stunned on hearing this good news since he did not expect it to come early like this.

“It feels very good especially for me, who is still new here to be chosen as best player of the week because there are many good players here.

"Personally, it boosts my morale to work better every day because I enjoy playing football more especially when I am playing as number ten because I like to play and score goals.
However, it is never easy to play as a striker since defenders are always keen on you to never score against them, and sometimes we incur serious injuries, but we continue playing because of the love for the game.” ~ Calvin Wananzofu"

On his experience at JKA for the time being, he only praises the whole team ranging from administrators, coaches, fellow players and everyone involved how hospitable they are. Thus, hoping to explore his heights in the soccer world.

“I am very grateful and happy to be here because it is my first ever academy to join, and I believe that it is going to help me learn and achieve a lot of things both as a footballer and human being since I am very ready to learn. I have envisioned it for the first two weeks I have been here because everyone is very welcoming both on and off the pitch,” Wananzofu happily added.

Nonetheless, Wananzofu’s shortest time achievement originates from his good discipline, talent, passion and swiftness on the ball as well as excellent social traits that have enabled him fit in the team very fast yet he has never been in any academy before.

This should serve as an awakening bell to all parents, who wish to see their children flourish in the world of football that however much or less talented any child can be, it is paramount for them to join professional academies that can well nurture beyond football and expose them to the world as well.

Having a glimpse of Wananzofu playing football, one would think he has been in an academy for quite good time yet not.

Let us hope for the best from him as the sky is the limit!

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