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There is a saying that charity begins at home, and it surely does! Similarly to the statement, the Bahemuka family as part of Joe Kigozi Academy offered support to the less privileged footballers of the academy.

Photo: Coach Rodger, Bahemukas and community kids after receiving the shoes.

All having their surname as Bahemuka, Jethro, Jeremiah and Jaiden escorted by their mother namely Sheila Bahemuka, did the sporadic act through giving out free shoes to some players of the academy specifically the destitute.

This was after the Saturday 10th training session at Panamera sports training grounds in Kololo, Kampala - Uganda from where they always take place.

Photo: Sheila Bahemuka posing with the boys after receiving the shoes.

Jeremiah Bahemuka, one of the benefactors after giving out the shoes said that the act was enthused by their parents by advising them to always be good people through doing good things for others. Thus, thinking about what he could do in his capacity, he thought of supporting his fellow footballers at the academy.

“One day, my daddy found me in bed and told me that I have to do something good for others as a Christian. So, yesterday I decided to do something. My brother, sister and I spent the whole day looking for these shoes to give to the academy.” Jeremiah narrated.

Obviously, this may seem mere to some people, especially those who are well-off but understand that to someone who is really in need, it means a lot indeed.

This is because just from their expression after receiving the shoes, the recipients were thankful and so much excited as Ali Mohammad Ssekibenga one of the kids said:

“We thank these good-hearted children; Jethro, Jaeden and Jeremiah for their act. Thank you so much for giving us these shoes because they mean a lot to us. Honestly, we needed them and pray that God grants you more life and success to helps others tomorrow.”

Furthermore, Catherine Kabura, the manager executive added by applauding the kids for their gallant act by considering the age they are doing such.

“To me the Bahemuka’s; Jethro, Jeremiah, Jaeden, the mother and entire family have done the exceptional for our less privileged members here, and the academy in general. They have set the bar high thus portraying a good image and living as an example to others.”

From this, we learn that if you have more, it is good to give to those who have nothing. It may seem little or nothing to you, but there is someone there praying to have it for survival. Remember; “the hand that gives is also the one that receives.” – Persian Proverb.

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